Logos by KLOOT cartoons

Here you find examples of the more serious designs.

These designs are copyright 1994, 1995 and 1996 O.M.Kolkman. (olaf at dacht dot net)
Design for the thesis cover of Myung-Hyun Rhee.. The picture elements are quotes from van Gogh's Starry night.

This a reproduction of the poster designed for the IAU Symposium 180 on Planetary nebulae.

This is the logo for the Dutch Astronomers Conference in 1992. It was held on the island Ameland. The logo shows the contours of the island and the lighthouse.

This is the logo designed for the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe. Seven European countries joined in a consortium for very long baseline interferometry. The seven connected stars in the `European color' yellow symbolize the European astronomical collaboration.

In combination with this logo I designed letter-paper, business cards, envelopes and a preprint cover.

The former Kapteyn WWW server logo is also my design.