Cartoons by KLOOT cartoons

Don't ask me where the name comes from. (For us Dutch it has some connotation.) I started using this name when I was 16 and since then I use it to sign my cartoons. Like the black background it's part of my creative identity.

I'd be delighted to make a cartoon for you. They come cheap, a book, a CD or a bottle of whine is what I consider a good trade. Contact me by mail if you would like to give me an assignment.

This came with an article about Islam and science.

The girl says: Mama, the black boy just spitted a fly on Jan-Diederick's Benetton sweater.

This breeding Mutantus Dioxinicum came with an article about pollution.

These are images to be published in the SIDERIAL TIMES. They are part of the `looking up looking down' series.

Birdie birdie in the sky
you dropped something
in my eye.

But I don't weep
nor do I cry
I'm just glad that cows
don't fly

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